Graphic Design and Publishing

coversDash Design creates visual materials for print publications, audio and video packaging, and online, artistic, and promotional use. We’re document and product oriented, and our goal is to provide images that draw and direct attention to where it should go without unnecessary distraction.

We’re a Macintosh-based shop, and can also utilize most non-specialized Windows source materials. Our creative and productive workflow is centered around Adobe Creative Suite applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker and InDesign.

We offer a variety of design services, including:

Publication Design: Typesetting, editing and proofreading, layout, custom manual and pamphlet assembly

Advertising and Promotion: Print ads, fliers, logos, stationery and business cards, press kits and promotional packages, shirt and button design and custom manufacture

Digital Photography: Studio portraits, media and promo photography, event coverage, high-resolution prints, editing and color correction, image reconstruction and improvement, graphic preparation for specialized application (CD-ROM, web, etc.).

Digital Video Editing: VHS to DV/DVD transfers, DV editing, DVD authoring.

Web Site Support: Graphic conversion and prep for web site display, web site design, implementation and management.