CD/DVD Duplication

ddiscsAt Dash Design, we specialize in short-run CD and DVD duplication, orders of 1 to 100 units with speedy turnaround. They’re great for independent, personally-marketed products and for pre-release copies of larger projects, as well as limited-circulation material that doesn’t require large press-runs.

What You Need

Master: Prepared by your favorite audio or video production studio, this is the meat of the matter, the important part. It’s wise to have a safety copy prepared for your own archives, and at Dash we also clone a copy for our files.

We accept CD audio and  DVD video masters without surcharge. Other formats (computer files, VHS, DV, DAT, audio cassette, etc.) are subject to remastering charges, and we cannot guarantee the safety of your original recordings.

If your master contains material covered by copyright, it’s the client’s responsibility to acquire the necessary releases or licenses.

Graphics: We can happily design the entirety of your insert materials here in house, but you can supply photos, drawings, decorations, text and anything else you specifically want included. We accept any digital formats Photoshop can read (and that’s pretty much everything), and we can also scan photographs and drawings. We prefer receiving text as computer files (email is fine, as are Word or plain-text files on flash drive), but we also transcribe, edit and typeset hard copy.

If you prefer to design your materials yourself, our Template Page contains jpg format mockups for properly designed jewel case inserts, tray cards and DVD case inserts, as well as disc imprints. Please consult our Design Guidelines for details regarding document preparation. Client-submitted designs are subject to a minimum processing fee.

What Happens

Proofing: Once we have your materials and specifications in hand, we work with you to create a design that meets your needs. Then we put together a proof copy for your final approval. This is an important step — any last-minute typo or other corrections are the responsibility of the client.

Ordering: After your proof is approved, you can order from 1 to 100 copies, with no minimum order or tiered pricing except for orders of 100, which receive a 10% discount.

Orders of over 100 can be processed 100 at a time, reordering at the time of delivery. We can also prepare your materials to pressing plant specifications for larger-scale replication.

Turnaround: Normal orders are delivered within a week. Rush orders, when accepted, are processed in three working days and are subject to surcharge.